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What is Micro-Learning

Handbook of Research on Innovative Pedagogies and Technologies for Online Learning in Higher Education
Is a new form of learning based on the design of micro or lighter activities through micro-steps in digital environments. These learning activities are made part of the learner's daily routines.
Published in Chapter:
Evaluation Methods for E-Learning Applications in Terms of User Satisfaction and Interface Usability
Nouzha Harrati (University of Souk Ahras, Algeria), Imed Bouchrika (University of Souk Ahras, Algeria), Zohra Mahfouf (University of Souk Ahras, Algeria), and Ammar Ladjailia (University of Souk Ahras, Algeria)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-1851-8.ch018
The use of online technology has become ubiquitous and integral part of our daily life from education to entertainment. Because of the ubiquity of e-learning and vital influence for engineering the educational process, it is no surprise that many research studies are conducted to explore different aspects covering the use of e-learning in higher education. The assessment and evaluation aspects are considered arguably the most influential part for measuring the success and effectiveness of e-learning experience. As more and more universities worldwide have opted to use online technology for their course delivery, research in e-learning systems have attracted considerable interest in order to apprehend how effective and usable e-learning systems in terms of principles related to human computer interaction.
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A Case Study in Micro-Learning and Alternate Credentials Before Their Time: Cardiac Care on the Web
As the prefix ‘micro’ suggests, a micro-learning situation is brief and focused. While it may encompass some theoretical learning, often a micro-learning situation is skill or competency focused and/or provides a chance for specialized learning. While colleges and universities have now entered the micro-learning sector, so too have large corporations such as Google and Amazon.
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Using Applicable E-Learning Principles to Promote Effectiveness and Quality in the Digital Era: Toward a More Inclusive and Resilient E-School
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Educational Podcasting: A Taxonomy of Pedagogical Applications
An emergent paradigm that involves learning through small learning units (micro-content) and short-term learning activities.
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Open Digital Badges: The Future of Skill Validation and Credentialing
The design of small learning units and short-term learning activities.
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A Holistic Professional Development Model: A Case Study to Support Faculty Transition to Online Teaching
Short, narrow-topic chunks of instruction or learning activities, often designed for use on mobile devices or in web-based formats. However short items of text, audio recordings, learning games, vocabulary lists, and self-check quizzes also apply to micro-learning.
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Dental Education in the Information Age: Teaching Dentistry to Generation Z Learners Using an Autonomous Smart Learning Environment
An educational strategy that breaks down complex topics into short, stand-alone units of study that can be viewed as many times as necessary as needed by the learner whenever and wherever.
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Designing Text Message Learning to More Equitably Reach Students Wherever They Go: UNICEF SMS Lessons for Venezuelan Migrants/Refugees
Learning from short modules or lessons both in terms of their length and the time needed for completion; the chunking up of curriculum into bite-size units appropriate for text-message delivery.
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Creating a Culture of Innovation: The Case of the Pedagogical Innovation Center at the Polytechnic of Porto
Micro-learning is an approach to learning that focuses on delivering small, bite-sized units of content or learning activities. It involves short learning modules or resources designed to address specific learning objectives, often delivered in a time-efficient manner.
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The Vignette TaBLE: Team-Based Blended Learning Experiences With Classroom Mentors and Teacher Candidates
A process of delivering content to learners in small, very specific bursts (Eades, 2015). Its main traits are that it is short, cuts out extraneous text, and presents specific information directly related to the tasks at hand.
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Role of MOOCs for Technology and Business Education: Opportunities and Challenges in the Indian Context
Micro-learning deals with relatively small learning units and short-term learning activities. The term is used in e-learning and related fields in the sense of learning processes in mediated environments.
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