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What is MMOGs

Handbook of Research on Improving Learning and Motivation through Educational Games: Multidisciplinary Approaches
Massively multiplayer online games are video games which are capable of supporting hundreds or thousands of players simultaneously. They are played on the Internet and feature at least one persistent virtual world.
Published in Chapter:
Context-Free Educational Games: Open-Source and Flexible
Vasiliki Dai (Secondary School Teacher of English, Greece), Vasilis Daloukas (Secondary School Teacher of Informatics, Greece), Maria Rigou (University of Patras, Greece), and Spiros Sirmakessis (Technological Institution of Mesolonghi, Greece & Research Academic Computer Technology Institute (R.A. CTI), Greece)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60960-495-0.ch049
A discussion regarding the integration of video games in education has been going on lately. Recent studies indicate a positive shift in attitude towards the role of video games in education, however, the issue of impeding dangers remains. This chapter will focus mainly on presenting an approach to teaching and evaluation through the implementation of educational games created using the Game module, designed as an add-on for the Moodle e-learning platform. Through the use of common ’casual’ games, such as ‘Crossword’ and ‘Hangman’, and drawing questions from the Moodle question bank or the dictionaries, the Game module can be perceived as a freely available tool which can enrich an online lesson across various platforms, including normal computers, PDAs, et cetera. These games have advantages such as technical requirements lower than modern commercial games, facilitating the distribution of game-based contents to broader audiences without demanding constantly updated software as well as hardware infrastructure, simple rules, et cetera.
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Interaction with MMOGs and Implications for E-Learning Design
Massive multi-player online games are highly graphical 3-D videogames played online, allowing individuals, through their self-created digital characters or “avatars”, to interact not only with the gaming software (the designed environment of the game and the computer-controlled characters within it) but with other players’ avatars as well
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Full Text Chapter Download: US $37.50 Add to Cart
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