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What is MMOM

Handbook of Research on Increasing the Competitiveness of SMEs
For its abbreviation, it means Modernization Model for Organizations Management and it was created by the G3SMEs group of EAN. This model allows to know the situational analysis of SMEs regarding management and financial profile.
Published in Chapter:
Organizational Components That Explain Profitability as a Key Factor of Competitiveness: Colombian SMEs' Case
Maria Teresa Ramirez-Garzon (La Salle University, Colombia), Rafael Ignacio Perez-Uribe (EAN University, Colombia), and Rafael Espinosa-Mosqueda (University of Guanajuato, Mexico)
Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 28
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9425-3.ch002
This chapter explains one of the hypotheses of the results of a basic research of the Ramírez-Garzón doctoral thesis entitled, “Organizational components that explain the profitability of Colombian SMEs,” which focused on the application of the Model of Modernization for organizational Management (MMOM) and the Return on Assets (ROA) in 144 Colombian SMEs. The chapter affirms there are organizational components that explain profitability in Colombian SMEs as a key factor for business competitiveness. The multiple regression analysis was used as a statistical method to correlate the organizational components of the MOMM and the ROA of those SMEs. It was found that the components that explain preferentially between 20% and 23% the profitability of the companies analyzed in light of the ROA are: strategic direction, production management, human management, logistics, and innovation and knowledge.
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Organizational Components That Explain the Strategic Direction of SMEs for a New World Economic Order: The Case of Colombia
The model of modernization for organizational management comprises 16 organizational components that allow diagnosing the level of management of SMEs considering four levels of development on a 0-100% scale defined by survival (level 1), internal development (level 2), interaction with environments and markets (level 3), and world-class with best business practices (level 4).
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Innovation Model for Organizational Sustainability (IMOS): The Concept
(Modernization Model for Organizations Management): It is a management model developed by the management research group for large, small and medium-sized enterprises (G3pymes) of EAN University which allows SMEs to evaluate their management status in the light of four levels, the fourth level is the best management practices.
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