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What is Physiological Signals

Handbook of Research on Distributed Medical Informatics and E-Health
Physiological signals are acquired and processed to form psycho-physiological measures. These measures affect game play both through team understanding and altered game mechanics.
Published in Chapter:
Mobile Health Applications and New Home Care Telecare Systems: Critical Engineering Issues
Žilbert Tafa (University of Montenegro, Montenegro)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-002-8.ch021
This chapter describes the very actual issues on mobile health (M-H) and home care (H-C) telecare systems, reviewing state of the art as well as theoretical and practical engineering issues crucial for designing these applications. The purpose, advantages and overall information and communication technology (ICT) architectures of M-H and H-C telecare systems are firstly presented. There are several engineering fields involved in the design of modern M-H and H-C applications. Making the optimal application-specific choice in each engineering aspect and achieving the right balance between complementary coupled technological requests are of crucial meaning so the main critical engineering issues (weighted at sensing node’s design and the wireless communications) are presented in details as well. Systematic theoretical review and accentuation of the design and realization problems given in this chapter can contribute in better understanding of crucial engineering issues and challenges on this topic as well as in giving the proper direction lines to approaching the practical realization of M-H and H-C telecare systems.
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Deep Learning Models for Physiological Data Classification of Children During Computerized Auditory Tests: Deep Learning-Based Emotion Recognition in Child-Computer Interaction
Biological markers such as heat, heartbeat, or skin moisture that are collected via sensors on the skin and that change according to people’s emotional states.
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Non-Intrusive Health-Monitoring Devices
Readings or measurements that are produced by the physiological process of human beings, e.g., heart-beat rate (electrocardiogram or ECG/EKG signal), respiratory rate and content (capnogram), skin conductance (electrodermal activity or EDA signal), muscle current (electromyography or EMG signal), brain electrical activity (electroencephalography or EEG signal).
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