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What is Mobile Work

Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Second Edition
The ability to carry out work while geographically moving around.
Published in Chapter:
Anytime, Anywhere Mobility
Mikael Wiberg (Umea University, Sweden)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-026-4.ch029
Just a couple of years ago several mobile phone operators and others (e.g., Helal, 1999; Galambos, 2002; Ilderem, 2005) pushed forward “anytime, anywhere” as a goal or vision for future mobile services and mobile IT-use. In this article we set out to explore if “anytime, anywhere” mobility is in fact a paradox. Kleinrock (1996, 1998) claims advanced wireless technologies, the Internet, global positioning systems, portable and distributed computing, and so forth, will realize the vision of “anytime, anywhere.” We can today see the first signs of this vision. For example, telework is now possible, remote organizations can be engaged in close cooperation, and people can communicate, collaborate, share digital media, and form communities on the Internet. The world has become a global village, some claim (Preece, 1994, Castells, 1996), where you can interact with anybody independent of time and space. The vision of “anytime, anywhere” describes a situation where people can do tasks wherever they want and without any consideration of time. Related to the vision is the 2x2 matrix often used in the field of computer supported cooperative work (CSCW) to denote different kinds of computer supported collaboration (e.g., Johansen, 1988; Baecker et al., 1993). This model has the dimensions of time and place, where each can be the same or different. The model is shown in Figure 1.
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Using Telework and E-Work as Flexible Working Alternatives
This concept refers to employees working at various locations (customer companies, hotel rooms, airports …) and provided with the necessary ICT infrastructure to communicate with the employer.
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Mobility and Connectivity: On the Character of Mobile Information Work
A type of knowledge worker for whom a significant part of their work is conducted while being mobile.
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