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What is MPI

Handbook of Research on Computational Science and Engineering: Theory and Practice
Message Passing Interface
Published in Chapter:
Hardware Trends and Implications for Programming Models
Gabriele Jost (The University of Texas at Austin, USA) and Alice E. Koniges (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61350-116-0.ch001
The upcoming years bring new challenges in high-performance computing (HPC) technology. Fundamental changes in the building blocks of HPC hardware are forcing corresponding changes in programming models to effectively use these new architectures. The changes in store for HPC will rival the vector to massively parallel transition that scientific and engineering codes and methodologies endured several years ago. We describe some of the upcoming trends in hardware designs, and suggest ways in which software and programming models will advance accordingly.
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Grid-Based Nuclear Physics Applications
MPI stands for “Message Passing Interface”, and is a standard library specification for Message Oriented Middleware without modifications to compiler or system. It was designed for parallel and high performance computing
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Computer Architectures and Programming Models: How to Exploit Parallelism
Message Passing Interface. MPI is the standard that defines the syntax and semantics of the library designed to be used in distributed computing.
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A Survey of Parallel Community Detection Algorithms
Message Passing Interface(MPI) is a standard portable message passing system developed for communicating process/threads in a distributed computing environment.
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The Future of High-Performance Computing (HPC)
Message Passing Interface, a library specification for message-passing between cluster nodes to program parallel applications.
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