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What is Negotiation of Meaning

New Approaches to the Investigation of Language Teaching and Literature
Negotiation of meaning is broadly conceived as the phases of (non-)understanding that generally encompass conversational repair strategies, modifications, and adjustments in a communicative context.
Published in Chapter:
“Translanguaged EMI” as a Means of Negotiation of Meaning in Literature Classrooms: Reflections on Thirdness
Ufuk Ataş (Artvin Çoruh University, Turkey) and Mehmet Akkuş (Artvin Çoruh University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-6020-7.ch010
In this chapter, the authors first define translanguaging, focusing on its descriptive, theoretical, and pedagogical aspects; explicating how it provides opportunities for the negotiation of meaning and the creation of a ‘third meaning,' i.e., thirdness, whilst co-constructing knowledge in English literature classrooms, especially in English medium instruction (EMI) contexts. Based on the understanding that translanguaging can be used as an effective pedagogical resource, the chapter aims to question the ‘E' in EMI in bi-/multilingual EFL settings and to offer the possibility of utilizing all linguistic resources available to learners and instructors to scaffold content-oriented knowledge through a translanguaging lens, which is named as ‘translanguaged EMI.' Adopting a collaborative autoethnographic stance, the chapter presents the authors' experiences of employing a translanguaging lens as two content lecturers teaching at an English language and literature department in a state university in Turkey.
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Designing a Minecraft Simulation Game for Learning a Language Through Knowledge Co-Construction
A process that people go through to reach a clear understanding of each other. In second language acquisition, it is defined as an attempt to overcome comprehension problems.
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Audio vs. Video Conferencing for Language Learning: Choosing the Right Tool for the Right Job
A process during which the speakers communicate their level of understanding, clarify, or paraphrase their utterances until they reach clear understanding of each other.
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Online Strategic Discussion Forum: Models, Strategies, and Applications
A process that both the instructor and learners undertake to clarify their understanding of course topics, typically through discourse and collaborative learning. The process requires applying, analyzing, synthesizing, evaluating, and creating course content.
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Factors Affecting Learner Collaboration in 3D Virtual Worlds
A conversation with the purpose of clarifying the meaning of a word or an utterance.
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Focus-on-Form and L2 learning in Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication: Language Proficiency and Dyadic Types
The purpose of the communication is to reach mutual understanding of the participants to keep the communication going.
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Redefining Interaction in Study Abroad Programs: Experience in Spain
In any communicative situation where there is interaction, interlocutors engage in a constant process of attempting to arrive at a mutual understanding of meaning. This is especially important for language learners when they lack essential knowledge of the target language to manage the situation.
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Researching English as a Medium of Instruction in University Lecturers' Teaching Methodology: A Proposal for In-Service Training
The constant interaction among speakers which ensures that the message is successfully conveyed and understood. Strategies employed when negotiating meaning include asking for clarification, rephrasing, or paraphrasing.
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