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What is Socioeconomic Development

Developing Knowledge Societies for Distinct Country Contexts
This may refer to the transformation of a society with regard to social and economic dimensions.
Published in Chapter:
Knowledge Co-Production and Sustainable Socio-Economic Development: An Engaged Scholarly Approach
Robert Tweheyo (Kyambogo University, Kampala, Uganda)
Copyright: © 2021 |Pages: 20
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8873-3.ch001
This chapter illuminates the significance of researcher-practitioner engagement in knowledge production and the impact it has on socioeconomic development. Knowledge production and sharing have a significant impact on the transformation of society. It highlights the importance of knowledge co-production through engaged scholarship research that achieves the twin goals of rigor and relevance. Engaged scholarship research creates a more pleasant relationship between scholars, non-academic practitioners and communities in creation of knowledge. This research approach however, is rarely applied in many research institutions and universities. Engaged scholarship research approach is therefore preferred because it empowers local communities to participate and contribute in making decisions that affect their lives. The chapter concludes by reiterating collaboration and stakeholder involvement that generate knowledge based on practical experiences and which are mutually beneficial and relevant in solving society problems.
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Network Deployment for Social Benefits in Developing Countries
Socialeconomic development incorporates public concerns in developing social policy and economic initiatives. The ultimate objective of social development is to bring about sustained improvement in the well-being of the individual, groups, family, community, and society at large. It involves sustained increase in the economic standard of living of a country’s population, normally accomplished by increasing its stocks of physical and human capital and thus improving its technology.
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Towards a Restructured Theorization of Development and Adaptability for the Post-COVID-19 Era: The Stra.Tech.Man Approach
Socioeconomic development is the progressive reinforcement of a socioeconomic organization’s quantitative and qualitative dimensions towards a higher level of efficiency, well-being, justice, and democracy at all levels.
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