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What is Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

Handbook of Research on the IoT, Cloud Computing, and Wireless Network Optimization
Is about virtualizing the network services and functions currently made available by dedicated and proprietary hardware.
Published in Chapter:
Broker-Controller for NGN Management: A New NGOSS-Based Management Map for New Generation Network
Brahim Raouyane (FSAC, Morocco), Sara Khairi (INPT, Morocco), Imane Haddar (INPT, Morocco), Elmostafa Belmekki (INPT, Morocco), and Mostafa Bellafkih (INPT, Morocco)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-7335-7.ch023
New generation networks (NGN) are based on revolutionary aspects in IT and telecom fields. Huge throughput as well as a simplified infrastructure are based on the data center result of virtualization and cloud computing. Nevertheless, a very important question about the management part is always relevant, regardless of QoS management, of business, or of security. The chapter aims to propose a management architecture, which invokes the notion of broker and also of controller to centralize the management of networks and services.
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Cloud Computing: A Security and Defense Proposal
An approach decoupling functions like a firewall or encryption from dedicated hardware and moving them to virtual servers in cloud.
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Model-Centric Fulfillment Operations and Maintenance Automation
This is the decomposition of network devices into the specific network functions they each provide, and the virtualization of those network functions in the cloud. These virtual network functions (VNFs) can then be “chained” together to replicate the capabilities of physical devices, or to provide a single source of a combined network service that no single physical device can offer. NFV features a management layer referred to as management and orchestration, or MANO.
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