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What is Neutrosophic Subset

Handbook of Research on Generalized and Hybrid Set Structures and Applications for Soft Computing
A neutrosophic set A is contained in another neutrosophic set B , if T A ( x ) = T B ( x ), I A ( x ) = I B ( x ), F A ( x ) = F B ( x ) for all x ? X .
Published in Chapter:
Neutrosophic Soft Sets and Their Properties
Mumtaz Ali (Quaid-i-azam University Islamabad, Pakistan) and Florentin Smarandache (University of New Mexico, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-9798-0.ch014
Soft set plays an important role in the theory of approximations, as parameterized family of subsets in the universe of discourse. On the other hand, neutrosophic set is based on the neutrosophic philosophy, which states that: Every idea A has an opposite anti(A) and its neutral neut(A). This is the main theme of neutrosophic sets and logics. This chapter is about the hybrid structure called neutrosophic soft set, i.e. a soft set defined over a neutrosophic set. This chapter begins with the introduction of soft sets and neutrosophic sets. The notions of neutrosophic soft sets are defined and their properties studied. Then the algebraic structures associated with neutrosophic soft sets are debated. After that, the mappings on soft classes are studied with some of their properties. Finally, the notion of intuitionistic neutrosophic soft sets is taken into consideration.
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