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What is Newtonian Mechanics

Handbook of Research on Creative Problem-Solving Skill Development in Higher Education
A system of mechanics based on Newton’s lows of motion that is applicable to objects.
Published in Chapter:
New Paradigm of Creativity: From Newtonian Mechanics to Quantum Mechanics and Higher Education Development
Masaaki Hasegawa (Third Vision, Spain)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0643-0.ch023
The author aims to provide an alternative perspective on creativity in order to accelerate a paradigm shift in creativity in higher education. The perspective would enable every single person to extract the full potential and to contribute to society. Due to the idea of science: reproducibility, the main goal of research has been finding an ultimate solution that would be applicable to every single person. This idea comes from Newtonian mechanics; or, in other words, cause and result relation, that a specific factor causes a specific outcome. The problem of this idea is that Newtonian mechanics is designed for such objects as an apple and a car. Obviously, human thought, the main source of creativity, is not an object. This fact suggests the necessity of alternative approach. The author proposes a different perspective to change a paradigm of creativity in higher education.
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