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What is Noise

Cases on Green Energy and Sustainable Development
Disabling level of aircraft sounds at landing and takeoff.
Published in Chapter:
Green Operational Strategy for Airlines: Content and Regional Analysis
Yazan Khalid Abed-Allah Migdadi (Qatar University, Qatar)
Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 37
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8559-6.ch008
This chapter identifies the content of airlines' operations strategy and reports the strategy patterns adopted by the airlines of each region. A detailed configuration of the airlines' green operational strategy is developed, using the content analysis of the sustainability reports from 23 airlines in five regions (North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South America). The green operational strategy adopted by each region is identified; each region adopted a green pattern that was unlike those of any other region. The indicative models for each region and across regions are developed by using a simple and special tailored quantitative analytical technique. The results of this chapter raise a set of questions about the impact of contextual factors on whichever green strategy pattern is adopted, indicating the need to conduct more in-depth analysis of green actions. This is one of a few studies to have developed a comprehensive definition of airlines' green operations strategy and explore the green strategy patterns adopted by airlines from different regions.
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Applying Machine Learning to Online Data?: Beware! Computational Social Science Requires Care
In the context of machine learning, noise corresponds to the type of data or features that do not contain meaningful patterns related to the problem of interest and have a possibility of disrupting and harming the learning process.
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Intelligence and Security Informatics
Noise is information that is unassociated with the current problem.
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Biometric Identification System Using Neuro and Fuzzy Computational Approaches
It is the disturbance in a digital image. Noise can be caused in imges by random fluctuations in the image signal.
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World Heritage Education and the Postdigital Age: Considerations for Reflexive Practice
In communication theory a type of data which is considered insignificant or distorting in a pool of data. In digitization (see Digitization ), noise is eliminated from the data pool. In postdigital processes (see Postdigital ), noise is frequently reintroduced into the data pool.
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Effectively Communicating With Group Decision Support Systems Using Information Theory
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Classification in GIS Using Support Vector Machines
The random component of a measurement error.
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A Comprehensive Study of Various Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithms
Data points that are anomalous or do not form a part of any significant cluster are referred to as noise.
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A Less Than Viral Relationship: The Irrelevance of Sound for Tourism Promotion
Acoustic dimension of reality which bothers someone else, such as a loud, harsh, confused, high-pitched sound.
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