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What is Nonspeech Audio

Handbook of Research on User Interface Design and Evaluation for Mobile Technology
Has benefits such as the increase of information communicated to the user, the reduction of information received through the visual channel, the performance improvement by sharing information across different sensory modalities
Published in Chapter:
Toward a Novel Human Interface for Conceptualizing Spatial Information in Non-Speech Audio
Shigueo Nomura (Kyoto University, Japan), Takayuki Shiose (Kyoto University, Japan), Hiroshi Kawakami (Kyoto University, Japan), Osamu Katai (Kyoto University, Japan), and Keiji Yamanaka (Federal University of Uberlândia, Brazil)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-871-0.ch040
We developed a concept of interfaces using nonspeech audio for building wearable devices to support visually impaired persons. The main purpose is to enable visually impaired persons to freely conceptualize spatial information by nonspeech audio without requiring conventional means, such as artificial pattern recognition and voice synthesizer systems. Subjects participated in experiments to evaluate their ability to localize pattern-associated sounds. During the experiments, the subjects navigated through various virtual 3-D acoustic environments. The experimental results showed that sound effects, such as reverberation and reflection and variable z-coordinate movement, enhance the ability to localize pattern-associated sounds. The subjects were also evaluated on their ability to conceptualize spatial information based on cues in “artificial” and “natural” sounds. The evaluation results revealed that “natural” sounds are essential for improving everyday listening skills and the ability to conceptualize spatial information.
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Nonspeech Audio-Based Interfaces
It can be delivered in a shorter time than synthetic speech. It is a better means at providing an overview of the data. Since nonspeech audio can be heard from 360 degrees, auditory information is better captured than visual information.
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