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What is Occidentalism

Handbook of Research on Contemporary Approaches to Orientalism in Media and Beyond
It is the field of study where the east defines the west from its own perpective.
Published in Chapter:
Orientalist Approaches in Advertising: Sample Advertising With Nike's “What Will They Say About You?” Slogan
Simge Kırteke (Independent Researcher, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7180-4.ch055
Brands offer indicators to audiences through advertisements in many topics such as political, ideological, economic, and cultural. In particular, while creating their advertisements, international brands make use of the indicators that assume the cultural and demographic structure of the geographic location they are published in and carry out advertising campaigns under the influence of Orientalism. With these advertisements, it is presented how the West shows the East with an Orientalist perspective to the audiences that the advertisement reaches both in the geographical location where it is published and in the international geography. Within the scope of this study, the Nike brand, which emerged in Western societies and became a big name in the international arena, the advertising campaign with the slogan “What will they say about you?” and the SHE (Saudi Heroines Empowering a Nation) advertisement were examined and compared with the method of semiotic analysis, and their relationships with Orientalism were explained.
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Transmedia Storytelling in Advertising: The Mediator Between Orientalism and Occidentalism
The Eastern counterpart of Orientalism rejecting the West’ s opressions, exclusions and reductions.
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Searching for the East in the Shadow of the West: Layla M as the Portrait of an Oriental Woman in Modern Orientalist Discourse
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