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What is Online Distance Education

Handbook of Research on Current Trends in Asian Economics, Business, and Administration
This type of distance education takes place where teachers and students are using Internet access for communication.
Published in Chapter:
A Review of Distant Administration in the Context of Openness Problems of Open Distance Learning Administrators, Teachers, and Students
Oytun Sözüdoğru (University of City Island, Cyprus) and Nazime Tuncay (University of City Island, Cyprus)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8486-6.ch002
Online education has expanded greatly together with the increasing online remote teaching and administrating jobs. The open accessibility, freedom of time, freedom of place, freedom of pace, open programming, openness to everyone, and open sources make the administration of distance education even harder and more challenging. Institutions should make sure that their administrators are talented, knowledgeable, and hardworking to cope with the administration problems at hand. This chapter consists of a literature review in open and distance education studies; a brief analysis of distant programs; a research study with distant students, teachers, and administrators; problems in administrating education out of sight; priority and trends in open and distance education; and possible directions for future research.
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Social Support for Online Learning
Formal courses, often institution based, that are conducted with instructors and students separated by a distance. Interactive communication technologies (can include web-based communication, video-conferencing, audio-conferencing, etc.) facilitate the connection between learners and instructors.
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Necessities for Effective Asynchronous Learning
Software which supports courses for students who are not present and an in person class.
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Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Digital Transition in Higher Education in Uzbekistan
A form of education where students receive online instructions rather than in physical classrooms.
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