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What is Online Environment

Developing Curriculum for Emergency Remote Learning Environments
a place reached via the Internet or a local network and containing various information.
Published in Chapter:
Opportunities and Limitations of Remote Testing Through Online Proctors
Zhelyo Zhelev (Tsenov Academy of Economics, Bulgaria) and Dragomir Iliev (Tsenov Academy of Economics, Bulgaria)
Copyright: © 2023 |Pages: 21
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-6071-9.ch006
The pandemic and the imposed restrictions have forced a rethinking of testing processes, evaluation, and the search for alternatives applicable entirely in a digital environment. The management of higher schools and the technical teams responsible for conducting distance learning had to reorganize the test as part of the overall learning process in a short period. In the chapter, a developed methodology for conducting remote examination procedures is proposed. It is suitable for application in subjects where knowledge assessment is done using tests, developing topics, etc., which can be prepared/completed by the examinees through a computer with internet connectivity. The authors present the results of surveys of students and teachers from the Tsenov Academy of Economics, Bulgaria, which serve as proof of the positive perception of the created and tested methodology for conducting remote exams.
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Global Students, Citizens, and Understanding the Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis
The alternative learning space created by educators and students using digital tools and virtual class sessions due to the shelter-in-place, quarantines, and stay-at-home orders.
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TACTivities: A Way to Promote Hands-On, Minds-On Learning in a Virtual Learning Environment
The use of a computer-based internet learning environment in which a class between teacher and students is taking place. This is used interchangeably with virtual environment in this chapter.
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Social Media and Organizational Communication
The virtual space in which a computed defined system can function being connected to other(s) connected systems through a communication electronic channel and sharing content.
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Online Learner Expectations
The computer-mediated space in which online distance education occurs, often asynchronous and Web-based.
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Plugging Security Holes in Online Environment
The environment used to conduct electronic transactions.
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Strategies for Engaging Students in the Online Environment
A virtual learning experience where individuals who are involved in the learning are not located physically close to one another, but can be located at any distance from one another, and interact with learning platforms to share information and apply knowledge and skills for learning assessment.
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Offline and Online Customer Satisfaction in B2C Markets: Towards an Overall Customer Satisfaction Framework
Can be intended as all virtual facilities firms can shape and use to keep in touch with the external ‘world’.
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