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What is Online Pedagogy

Handbook of Research on the Impacts and Implications of COVID-19 on the Tourism Industry
A teaching philosophy, approach or strategy that facilitates and enables the delivery of online education in an online learning environment using technology and digital mediums of communication.
Published in Chapter:
Tourism Education During the Pandemic: Is Distance Education a Solution?
Ina Keçi (European University of Tirana, Albania) and Ermira Qosja (European University of Tirana, Albania)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8231-2.ch042
The worldwide pandemic situation created by the COVID-19 disease confronted the education systems of all countries with the most unpredictable challenge ever, a pedagogical revolution that required the transition from traditional and conservative education of auditors to distance education formats. The new front was clear, in a few days the entire education community had to adapt to the new environment, developing and creating new plans to provide teaching through different electronic platforms and software. As the tourism sector is one of the main sources of sustainable development, the role of higher education systems in this sector is to prepare human resources able to proactively respond to all the challenges created during the pandemic circumstances and post-pandemic circumstances. This chapter based on semi-systematic literature review discusses distance education in tourism as an inevitable alternative to education due to the pandemic conditions in terms of providing an appropriate preparation of human resources in tourism to properly face the new reality.
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Global Students, Citizens, and Understanding the Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis
Best practices for teaching online as well as how to foster best learning in online environments.
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Gameful Learning as an Innovative Pedagogy for Online Learning: Exploring Early Career Teachers' Perspectives
A set of pedagogies that focus on online and blended learning and use technology along with student-centered learning strategies and activities
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Engaging Online K-12 Students: Using Instant Messaging to Foster Teacher-Student Relationships
A method of effective teaching practice specifically developed for teaching via the internet.
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The Balancing Act: Interpersonal Aspects of Instructional Designers as Change Agents in Higher Education
A set of prescribed methods, strategies, and practices for teaching academic subjects in an online (or blended) environment, where students are in a physical location separate from the faculty member and/or other students. While some of the methods and strategies may overlap with those used in a face-to-face environment, online pedagogy recognizes the unique opportunities and limitations of the online environment.
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