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What is Domain Ontology

Handbook of Research on High Performance and Cloud Computing in Scientific Research and Education
An ontology that describes all of the relevant concepts in a single domain of interest.
Published in Chapter:
Ontology-Based Multimodal Language Learning
Miloš Milutinović (University of Belgrade, Serbia), Vukašin Stojiljković (Institute for the Serbian Language of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Serbia), and Saša Lazarević (University of Belgrade, Serbia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-5784-7.ch008
L2 language learning is an activity that is becoming increasingly ubiquitous and learner-centric in order to support lifelong learning. Applications for learning are constrained by multiple technical and educational requirements and should support multiple platforms and multiple approaches to learning. This chapter investigates the possibility of applying ontology-based, dynamically generated learning objects implemented on a cloud computing infrastructure in order to satisfy these requirements. Previous work on using mobile learning objects is used as a starting point in an attempt to design a system that will preserve all of the advantages of utilizing learning objects, while eliminating any flaws and maximizing compatibility with existing systems. A model of a highly modular, flexible, multiplatform language learning system is presented along with some implementation remarks and advices for future implementation.
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Cloud Services Publication and Discovery
A knowledge framework of common concepts in a specific domain created by the domain experts.
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Integrating Heterogeneous Services for Semantic Mashup Construction
Is an abstraction of a domain that identifies the relevant concepts in that domain.
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Unified Architecture for DVB-H Electronic Service Guide
They capture valid for a particular type of domain: for example, electronic, medical, mechanic, and digital domain.
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Digital Libraries and Ontology
Domain ontology, or domain-specific ontology, models a specific domain, or part of the world. It represents the particular meanings of terms as they apply to that domain.
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A Review of Emerging Technological Trends in E-Learning
Domain ontology is a collection of vocabularies and the specifications of the conceptualization of a given domain (Gruber, 1993).
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