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What is Opportunity-Driven Entrepreneurship

Handbook of Research on Digital Marketing Innovations in Social Entrepreneurship and Solidarity Economics
It appears when entrepreneurs take advantage of foreseen business opportunities.
Published in Chapter:
A Theoretical Approach to the Definition of Entrepreneurship From a Multidisciplinary Perspective
Jorge Alberto Gámez-Gutiérrez (Universitaria Agustiniana, Colombia) and Nicolas Gamez Abril (Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios, Colombia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8939-6.ch001
Capitalism has required the function of the entrepreneurs, people who use creativity, understood as the ability to solve problems and put innovation into practice. Firms can be social, public, and private; in this last case, the creation of an enterprising company involves new products, new production methods, the opening of new markets, the development of new sources of raw materials and inputs, and the creation of new market structures in the industry. This chapter is a bibliographical review of the theories of entrepreneurship from economics, sociology, psychology, and management aiming to contribute to the construction of a definition of entrepreneurship and entrepreneur that can be accepted by scholars in this field.
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Much More Than Meets the Eye: Unveiling the Challenges Behind Nascent Entrepreneurship
It is understood as motivated by perceived market op-portunities (i.e., entrepreneurs are pulled to entrepreneurship out of a choice).
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