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What is Organizational Sustainability

Handbook of Research on Sustainable Career Ecosystems for University Students and Graduates
The process of talent management and strategic decision-making based on the future needs of the organization and its customers or clients.
Published in Chapter:
A Sustainable Career Ecosystem Perspective of Talent Flow and Acquisition: The Interface Between Higher Education and Industry
Yehuda Baruch (University of Southampton, UK), Melanie J. Ashleigh (University of Southampton, UK), and William E. Donald (University of Southampton, UK & Ronin Institute, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-7442-6.ch010
This chapter frames university graduates as the talent that flows between higher education institutions and industry. Higher education institutions aim to produce employable graduates, university graduates aim to secure graduate-level employment as part of a sustainable career, and organizations seek to secure graduates as part of the global war for talent and organizational sustainability. The purpose of this chapter is to present an overview of a sustainable career ecosystem through the lens of talent flow and acquisition at the interface between higher education and industry. Future research directions are also provided for bridging the vocational behavior and HRM literature streams, and for practical and policy agendas, via the exploration of existing challenges and associated opportunities.
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Organizational Sustainability: Characteristics of Agility
Organizational sustainability means having the leadership, endowment, global insights, and change strategies necessary to rise to the exclusive challenges facing organizations today.
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Nurturing Positive Organizational Climates to Enhance Work Success: A Positive Psychology Approach
The capacity of an organization to endure over time by balancing economic, environmental, and social responsibilities for long-term success.
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Green Guardians: Unveiling the Strategic Role of HR in Environmental Sustainability Initiatives
The ability of an organization to maintain its operations while minimizing negative environmental impacts and maximizing positive social and economic contributions over the long term.
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Enhancing Workplace Positivity: Strategies for Cultivating a Flourishing Organizational Culture
Ensuring enduring success by responsibly managing resources and meeting present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own.
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Positive Interventions at Work: Enhancing Employee Well-Being and Organizational Sustainability
A long-term strategy balancing economic success with social responsibility and environmental stewardship to ensure a company's enduring viability and positive impact.
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Contextual Transformations: Organisational Sustainability Under Crisis
Is the link that unites the physical environment to economic activities and policies, which could occur through the proper performance of companies.
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