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What is Languaging

TESOL Guide for Critical Praxis in Teaching, Inquiry, and Advocacy
“Languaging” or “doing language” is a collaborative dialogic activity or a process of making meaning and building knowledge through language to solve complex problems.
Published in Chapter:
Integrating Language Skills, Practices, and Content in Equitable TESOL Lesson Planning
Esther S. Gross (The Center for Educational Technology, Israel) and Jenifer A. Crawford (University of Southern California, USA)
Copyright: © 2022 |Pages: 22
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8093-6.ch001
Teachers and students in TESOL confront persistent racial, linguistic, economic, and social inequities in English language education. Many universities are striving to enact inclusive teaching that serves their diverse student body. This chapter offers a balanced approach that synthesizes language teaching research, theories, and practices to offer equitable strategies and tools for planning TESOL lessons and an exemplar university English as a Foreign Language lesson. These strategies, tools, and examples provide support for teachers to plan to explore inequities in the sociopolitical and raciolinguistic conditions of language and language learning with their students through lessons that integrate language skills, practices, and content. There is significant research on critical approaches to language education, but this chapter contributes to critical praxis in TESOL by providing detailed guidance for teachers on integrated lesson planning for adult EFL classes.
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Output-Oriented Language Learning With Digital Media
A term coined by Swain (1985) relating to the cognitive process of negotiating and producing meaningful, comprehensible output as part of language learning.
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Love and Language: Peace Building in the Foreign Language Classroom
A process of meaning making that is collaborative and dialogic, useful in building knowledge interdependently for the purpose of communicative problem solving.
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An Overview of Multilingual Learners' Literacy Needs for the 21st Century
The process of making meaning and shaping knowledge and experiences through language.
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