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What is Outputs

Contemporary Challenges for Agile Project Management
Describes the results of executing the function (e.g., effect on stored data, completion status values or output parameters, screen display, or outputs that trigger other actions – such as mechanical, electrical, or other activities in process control software applications).
Published in Chapter:
eXtreme Programming, Agile Methodologies, Software Project Management, Customer Role, Rigorous Testing
Kamalendu Pal (City, University of London, UK)
Copyright: © 2022 |Pages: 20
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7872-8.ch009
Agile software development methodologies are attracting attention from academics and practitioners for planning and managing software projects. The eXtreme Programming (XP) challenges conformist wisdom regarding software system development processes and practices as agile methodologies. To work efficiently in the current software development practice, characterized by requirements fuzziness, XP moves away from document-centric operations into people-centric management. In the XP-based software project, the customers play an essential role, having multiple responsibilities such as driving the project, gathering requirements (‘user stories'), and exercising quality control (or acceptance testing). Besides, the customers must liaise with external project stakeholders (e.g., funding authorities, end-users) while maintaining the development team's trust and the wider business. The success of such software project management practices relies on the quality result of each stage of development obtained through rigorous testing. This chapter describes three characteristics of XP project management: customer role, software testing feedback, and learning.
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Short-Term Medical Trips: Practical, Cultural, and Ethical Considerations
The raw number of cases performed, patients seen, or treatments administered.
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Simulation Optimization via Metamodeling Approach
Also called performance measures, criteria, or responses (in design of experiments terminology).
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Service-Learning: Options for Student Involvement
Products/services/information which are desired or needed by members.
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Patterns for Designing E-Government Programs
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Mapping Problems to Solutions: Logic Modeling in a Graduate Teacher Leadership Course
Outputs represent the direct results or products of program activities. If appropriate outputs occur, then there is a logical expectation of specific outcomes and impacts.
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Using Logic Models for Program Planning in K20 Education
Deliverables coming from a planned project or program. These are usually measured quantitatively.
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