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What is Parameters

Encyclopedia of Data Science and Machine Learning
Inputs of the learning algorithms.
Published in Chapter:
Machine Learning Experiment Management With MLFlow
Caner Erden (Department of International Trade and Finance, Faculty of Applied Science, AI Research and Application Center, Sakarya University of Applied Sciences, Turkey)
Copyright: © 2023 |Pages: 20
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-9220-5.ch071
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Classical Probability
Values characterizing a particular model.
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Design of Experiments in an Electrochemical Process
Characteristics that, through their numerical value, describe a set of elements or individuals.
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Applied Sequence Clustering Techniques for Process Mining
A set of variables that can be configured in order to change the behavior of an algorithm.
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Data Gathering to Build and Validate Small-Scale Social Models for Simulation
Agent-based models are made of equations that are based on values—numbers or symbols. When a simulation is run, one set of such parameters is used. For example the number of agents in the system, the size of the grid on which the agents evolve, the rules that define how the resource is renewed, the time that each agent has for communication in a time-step, and so forth. Since a complex system cannot be analyzed analytically, what is studied is its sensitivity to each parameter. If the system displays similar behavior when one parameter varies within a certain range, one can say that this behavior is robust regarding this parameter. If the system’s behavior is highly correlated to the change of a parameter, then the model is considered dependent on this parameter.
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