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What is Participative Leadership

Sustainability and the Future of Work and Entrepreneurship for the Underserved
A team building approach to leadership where all members of an organization, group, or department are given a particular role and responsibility relative to the successful completion of a task or project.
Published in Chapter:
Leadership, Empathy, and Inclusion
Eric Feigenbaum (Embrace Design, USA & VMSD Magazine, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-4322-4.ch001
Sociological study demonstrates that any societal collective, whether large or small, is an evolving entity subject to the forces of change. Given the interdependency of industry and cultural convention, it's imperative that business strategies within a defined societal structure keep pace with technological advances and cultural shifts within the community. Over the course of time, societal constructs evolved to support and regulate environmental conditions and the interactions of people within the workplace. While some business leaders advance in real time with shifting conditions and cultural movements, many do not. As such, there has long been an existential struggle between the maintenance of traditional workplace values, or the status quo, and progressive if not revolutionary ideas. This chapter examines a new leadership paradigm intended to promote workplace democracy in an empathetic environment based on inclusion, individual growth, and opportunity for all.
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Groupthink in Contemporary Decision Making: A Failure to Dissent
A style of leadership that involves all team members in the decision-making process by encouraging collaboration, creativity, and innovation and allowing team members to feel valued and empowered.
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Effective Leadership of Virtual Teams
The equalization of power and sharing of problem solving with followers by consulting them before making a decision.
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