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What is Pathway

Handbook of Research on Systems Biology Applications in Medicine
In Reactome, a Pathway is any grouping of related Reactions or Pathways, collectively known as Events. An Event may be a member of more than one Pathway.
Published in Chapter:
The Breadth and Depth of BioMedical Molecular Networks: The Reactome Perspective
Bernard de Bono (European Bioinformatics Institute, UK and University of Malta, Malta)
Copyright: © 2009 |Pages: 16
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-076-9.ch040
From a genetic perspective, disease can be interpreted in terms of a variation in molecular sequence or expression (dose) that impairs normal physiological function. To understand thoroughly the knockon effect such pathological changes may have, it is crucial to map out the physiological relationship affected genes maintain with their functional neighbors. The goal of the Reactome project is to build such a network knowledgebase for all human genes. Constructing a map of such extent and scope requires a considerable range of expertise, so this project collaborates with field experts to integrate their pathway knowledge into a single quality-checked human model. This resource dataset is systematically cross-referenced to major molecular and literature databases, and is accessible to the community in a number of well-established formats. As an evolving network systems resource, Reactome is also starting to provide increasingly powerful and robust tools to investigate tissue-specific biology and steer targeted drug design.
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Pathways are companies that serve education institutions by recruiting students (typically via education agents) who fall slightly short of the standard entry requirements. The pathway programs provide additional academic and language training support for incoming students to bridge the gap. Successful students transfer to the institution after completing the pathway program, usually with advanced standing (e.g. progressing directly into a university’s second year after completing a one-year pathway program).
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Any means that allows entry or spread of pathogen or pest in a new area.
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Linking Stakeholder Engagement to Multiple Future Policies in the European Energy Sector: An Impact Analysis
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Network-Driven Analysis Methods and their Application to Drug Discovery
Defined set of biological molecules and interactions that are associated with a biological concept (e.g. apoptosis, EGF signaling, etc.). In this context, a pathway is typically associated with a defined graphical layout.
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