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What is Payload

Handbook of Research on Machine Learning-Enabled IoT for Smart Applications Across Industries
The weight of a vehicle without the required items for its operation.
Published in Chapter:
Impact of UAVs in Agriculture
Megha Bhushan (DIT University, India) and Arun Negi (Deliotte USI, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-8785-3.ch013
Agriculture is mostly practiced in rural areas where there is less population and no proper scouting. Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs) can reduce human involvement in agriculture and solve many issues such as monitoring water levels, detecting crop disease, controlling the consumption of water and many more. UAVs application has contributed to many areas of agriculture such as insecticide as well as fertilizer prospecting and spraying, seed planting, weed recognition, soil mapping using aerial imaging, crop forecasting and so forth. Through these methods, crops can be cultivated without making excess use of water and chemicals which keep them safe and strong. Further, UAVs are replacing the man-made aircrafts because of their peculiar feature of capturing high resolution imagery below cloud level and its flexibility to work on different geographical locations. The multifunctioning UAVs reduce time and increase productivity. Therefore, this chapter provides a review on a smarter agricultural system using UAVs in order to enhance food productivity.
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Genetic-Algorithm-Based Optimization of Fragile Watermarking in Discrete Hartley Transform Domain
The metric “payload” is nothing but the capacity of a digital media which denotes the amount of concealed information into the watermarked media. The usual units of payload are bits, Bytes, Kilo Bytes or Mega Bytes respectively. However, the unit “bits per Byte (bpB)” is the latest inclusion into the list.
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Network Worms
The part of a virus or worm that is executed after a target host has been successfully compromised and infected.
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Mechatronic Design of Mobile Robots for Stable Obstacle Crossing at Low and High Speeds
Actual weight of the cargo carried by a transport vehicle. Also used in this work to name the manipulated cargo during co-manipulation.
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A General Overview of RESTful Web Services
The actual, intended message which is located in request and response body when the data is transmitted through HTTP.
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