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What is Peace Tourism

Role and Impact of Tourism in Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation
Travel that is specifically motivated by and associated with conflict resolution practices and war prevention.
Published in Chapter:
The Role of Visiting Professionals in Peacebuilding
Katerina Antoniou (University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-5053-3.ch018
Seeking to inform the peace-through-tourism scholarly debate, this chapter revisits this complex relationship from the angle of peacebuilding professionals. International peacebuilding settings habitually welcome peace professionals as visiting contributors, consultants, and freelancers. These visiting peacebuilders are characterised by a form of geographical hybridity that identifies them as a distinct audience in international peacebuilding and a niche audience of international travellers. In order to examine their role and contribution in international peacebuilding, the present study employs a qualitative methodological approach that combines historical narrative and field interviews to the case of the Cyprus peacebuilding discourse. This chapter argues that visiting peacebuilders have a significant role in formulating optimal encounters between peacebuilder audiences and in increasing the effectiveness of international peacebuilding projects.
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Promoting Kashmir as an Abode of Peace Tourism Destination by India and Pakistan
Is defined as a phenomenon where every tourists’ activity should be linked with peace as the aim for the visitors: locals, domestic, or an international visitor. For example, these activities could be as simple as shopping, eating at restaurants, skiing, visiting heritage buildings and forts, places of worships, gardens, zoo or bird sanctuary, education, conferences, art, culture and literary festivals, and gatherings.
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Is Spiritual Tourism a Peace Vehicle for Social Transformation and Economic Prosperity in India and Pakistan?
Visiting built places of worship, natural environment, and organized conferences, seminars, and gatherings with an objective to promote peace, thus resulting in peace tourism.
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