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What is Peer Coaching

Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth Edition
When two or more colleagues (teachers) work together to share good practices and help each other build new teaching skills.
Published in Chapter:
Role of Educational Leaders in Supporting Beginning Teachers in Al Ain Schools in the UAE
Salam Omar Ali (Brighton Collage Al Ain, UAE)
Copyright: © 2018 |Pages: 12
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2255-3.ch665
This research studied the current practices of the principals in Al-Ain school district (in UAE) in supporting their novice teachers in their first years of teaching. It aimed at drawing attention to the urgent need of an effective principal who knows the important role he plays especially with the new appointed teachers. The study used depth of literature review to establish a good base of theoretical ideas about the effective role of principals in supporting the novice teachers in their first years of teaching. The importance of induction program and its goals and benefits were tackled as well, in addition to the main aspects of the support provided. Moreover, the conceptual framework of the study discussed the methodology by describing the qualitative and quantitative methods used to gather data. The population and the sample, data analysis and discussion, conclusion and recommendations were presented too. 20 principals and 30 teachers of public and private schools participated in answering a questionnaire. On the other hand, some of them will be interviewed.
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More Results
Group Leadership in Online Collaborative Learning
Students are paired with a classmate or join a small group, with the aim of getting advice and support, and perhaps some instruction, from these fellow learners.
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Diversity in the Workplace: How to Achieve Gender Diversity in the Workplace
A structured setting where an experienced coach encourages peers to coach each other guided by coaching ground rules.
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Training Novice Literacy Coaches Through a Coaching Rounds Framework
Colleagues working together to share knowledge, experiences, and reflections related to instruction.
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Peer Coaching Groups as a Natural Space for Intergenerational and Lifelong Learning
Coaching built on mutual support between two or more individuals of equal status who provide feedback and constructive challenge to one another to help each other grow.
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Reflective Practices That Scaffold Teacher Knowledge, Decision Making, and Literacy Leadership
A course required one-to-one teaching experience with one teacher providing intervention instruction and another observing the same lesson to provide peer feedback and coaching based on the shared tutoring experience.
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Video as a Tool for Guided Reflection in Literacy Specialist Preparation
The in-class candidate pairings. Peer coaches are part of the course-based community of practice where they share similar, developing knowledge about literacy leadership research and theory and are learning to navigate the role of a specialized literacy professional.
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Professional Development and Adjunct Perspectives
A coaching style provided by faculty or staff that provides coaching to another staff of faculty member.
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