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What is Performance Support

Handbook of Research on Human Performance and Instructional Technology
Performance support includes all (digital) job aids that are available and accessible in the work environment that could enhance performance. Examples are (online) work instructions and information, instructional video’s or a presentation of examples in the working context, but also via an online community of learners
Published in Chapter:
Developing a Model for Information Society Competencies Required by Managers in the Information Society
Elizabeth Broos (Netherlands Defence Academy, The Netherlands)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-782-9.ch028
The purpose of this research is an attempt to obtain insight into the information, communication and technological competencies that managers currently need in order to work effectively in the information society. This is obtained by creating a model for those Information Society competencies for managers. This model is based on the results of a literature review, done in combination with a case study via a survey conducted in a large non-profit organization in the Netherlands. What is found is that especially the competencies ‘Having operational knowledge and insight into ICT’, ‘Finding and evaluating information on the Internet’ and ‘Participating in a learning organization’ are important factors that influence Information Society competence. The model might have implications for the curricula in higher education, especially for management training. The model may as well be an argument towards the provision of suitable performance support for just-in-time-learning for managers.
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Research-Based Insights Inform Change in IBM M-Learning Strategy
The use of job aids, references, checklists, and more to aid a person in completing a task.
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Blended Learning Primer
A paradigm that advocates learning for immediate use. “Learning can occur either as a result of doing or at the moment of need” (Gery, 2002, p. 26).
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