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What is Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Next Generation Digital Tools and Applications for Teaching and Learning Enhancement
An informal system of connectivity to other people, through social and technological means, designed and curated for the purposes of learning and sharing information.
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Universal Design for Learning: Culturally Responsive UDL in Teacher Education
James Cressey (Framingham State University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1770-3.ch008
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework for curriculum and instructional planning through which educators can maximize accessibility and minimize barriers that are often experienced by learners. Culturally responsive practices strengthen and complement UDL by framing accessibility as an equity goal and prompting educators to examine ableism, racism, and other structural inequities. Teacher educators are in a unique position to introduce UDL to future elementary teachers and support them in developing inclusive pedagogical methods early on in their careers. Education technology tools are used within UDL to make curriculum materials more accessible and engaging. In this chapter, the UDL framework will be described along with culturally responsive applications within elementary teacher education.
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Metaliteracy and Multiple Literacies
A “go-to” network of online communities, colleagues or friends for help with strategies or tips (usually technology related). Also called a professional learning network.
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Personal Learning Networks: Implications for Self-Directed Learning in the Digital Age
Social ties with multiple people and resources through virtual communities of practice that contribute to individual learning.
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Preparing K-12 Teachers for Blended and Online Learning: The Role of PLNs in Preservice Learning and Professional Development
The networked system of interlinked people, spaces, and tools that an individual forms uses to support informal learning. A PLN is unique to each person.
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Innovative Learning Approach in the 21st Century: Personal Learning Environments
PLNs are communities that interact, share and communicate with each other in personal learning environments.
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Interactive Learning Environments: A Three-Tiered Model Toward Digital Fluency
An informal learning network that uses a variety of social media platforms to connect organizations, individuals, and communities to the learner. Learners use their PLN to collect, collaborate, and communicate with peers.
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