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What is Place Attachment

Transforming Urban Nightlife and the Development of Smart Public Spaces
This term is concerned with the affective and positive emotional links and bond that might emerged between a person and place he lives, work or exist in it. This link is highly affected by persons themselves and their personal experiences. The bond also aspects like behavior, affect, and cognition that effect having the sense of place attachment.
Published in Chapter:
Billboards, Smartness, and Nightlife Atmospheres in Old Cairo
Abeer Elshater (Ain Shams University, Egypt) and Hisham Abusaada (Housing and Building National Research Center, Egypt)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7004-3.ch014
This chapter explores the random configurations of lighting elements of billboards and outdoor screens in historical public spaces. This chapter built a theoretical base on a systematic review of research indexed in Web of Science (WOS) as hot topics and highly cited in the field published in the last five years. Reflecting on the case of Old Cairo, the argument distinguishes between the three concepts of smartness—smart city, smart community, and smart places—and identifies the differences between conventional places and smart technology. The change in urban nightlife atmospheres and the loss of belonging are the main findings of systematic research for how to reconstruct nightlife atmospheres to enhance belonging in public spaces in Cairo's old districts. A critique of the transformation of nightlife atmospheres in public spaces of historic significance is offered due to the random use of technological elements, whether implemented by local authorities or residents. Findings also have implications for urban planning and design guidelines.
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The Figmentum Project: Appropriating Information and Communication Technologies to Animate Our Urban Fabric
The emotional, functional, and social ties people develop within a community and towards a particular place (Hummon, 1992). Place attachment is a complex and interdisciplinary notion and has been theorised from diverse perspectives ranging from architecture and urban planning to psychology and sociology. In the context of this chapter place attachment consists of three key aspects; community satisfaction, community attachment, and imagined community identity (Hummon, 1992, p. 254).
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Religious and Spiritual Tourism: From Its Origins to Alentejo (Portugal)
The affectivity a tourist develops to a place.
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It Can Happen Here: Addressing School Safety and Security After a Mass Shooting in a Small Kansas Town
A theoretical concept that focuses on the linkage between a person’s environment, behaviors, attitudes, experiences, and their emotional attachment to a place.
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Cultural Identity in the Superdiversity Environment: The Story of International Students in British Higher Education
The attachment and symbolic meaning of a place to a person, which is also known as the ‘sense of place’.
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