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What is Place-Based Education

Handbook of Research on Adapting Remote Learning Practices for Early Childhood and Elementary School Classrooms
An experience that “immerses students in local heritage, cultures, landscapes, opportunities, and experiences,” which provide a foundation for the transdisciplinary studies across the curriculum ( Vander Ark et al., 2020 ).
Published in Chapter:
Historical Identity and Sustainability as Tools for Historical Inquiry
Alois F. Pajak (Sequoia Pathfinder Academy Secondary, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8405-7.ch016
History contains a dynamic record of the interactions of people, events, and landscapes, yet instruction often relies on limited interpretations and inaccurate traditions based on standardized practices. Historical inquiry, in contrast, fosters interaction directly with historical evidence guided by curiosity and solution seeking. Inquiries developed through historical identity, sustainability, and historical preservation unveil the interaction of the past and the present. When adapted for remote practices, historical identity centers learning through the challenges of historical preservation in consideration of sustainability. Interaction with haptic three-dimensionally printed historical artifacts and virtual reality drives online learning experiences. This problem-based strategy builds interest, connection, and curiosity in history with students, which is a concern especially with asynchronous education.
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Application: Outdoor and Experiential Education (OEE)
An approach to curriculum and instruction that immerses students in their local community, culture, and environment, creating awareness of issues and facilitating interest in becoming active citizens.
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Diverse Literature and Place-Based Education Through Study Abroad, Partnerships, and Pedagogy
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A Well-Worn Path: Encouraging Partnerships With Non-Formal Educators
Education that engages students in their local heritage, cultures, landscapes, and experiences, using them as the cornerstone for learning.
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Conflictive Memory and Heritage Education in the Initial Training of Primary Teachers
Educational theory developed in the 1990s focused on the re-signifying of places in the learners’ immediate surroundings.
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Importance and Educational Possibilities of the Place-Based Education Through Virtual Fieldtrips
Education that utilizes the local community and the overall local environment and emphasizes direct learning experiences in the real world.
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Implementation of Culturally Relevant Science-Based Projects in Preschools and Primary Schools: From Roots to Wings
The notion of “place” refers to not only the natural but also the social surroundings of the school or educational institution. Place-based education, put the schools’ context in the center of the educational process, giving voice and importance to the excluded, revindicating silent actors, narratives and knowledges. It intends to foster students’ sense of agency and to give a concrete propose to the learning experience.
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“I Want to Be a Herpetologist!”: Using the Study of Reptiles and Amphibians to Engage Youth in STEM
Learning about local issues within the community and ways to aid in solving the issues.
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The Power of Educational Leadership in Rural, Impoverished Areas
A form of learning that is project-oriented, focused on the whole-child’s development, and is reliant upon the resources immediately available in the surrounding community and nature. This type of learning ends with benefitting the community as a result.
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Learning From Place: Developing a Relationship With the Land and Our Partners
Place-based education is interdisciplinary, it promotes learning that is rooted in what is local—the unique history, environment, culture, economy, literature, and art of a particular place.
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