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What is Invisibility

Handbook of Research on Theoretical Perspectives on Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Developing Countries
The Southern Nguni contextual meaning of invisibility of abantu illnesses is means the inability of the outsider to link the symptoms of abantu illnesses to their causes as understood by the Southern Nguni people in order to be able to prescribe the correct healing method.
Published in Chapter:
Pluralistic Tendencies in Healing Abantu Illness in the Contemporary South Africa
Kholekile Hazel Ngqila (Walter Sisulu University, South Africa)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0833-5.ch017
Ukuhanjwa illness was used as an example to understanding abantu illnesses. With attributional theory ukuhanjwa illness is attributed to spiritual and social causes rather than biomedical causes, whereby causal link is socially constructed between ukuhanjwa illness and entry into the body by familiars. Issues explored included conceptualisation of ukuhanjwa illness. The focus of the chapter is on the reasons for continued pluralistic tendencies in healing regardless of the expectation by the West that people should be focusing on the use of the fast evolving biomedical healing methods. The ethnographic study took place among the Southern Nguni people of OR Tambo District Municipality (ORTDM) in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Data was collected using qualitative and ethnographic research methods amongst a sample group of 50 participants. The sample was composed of traditional healers, mothers of children who have experienced ukuhanjwa illness, elderly people (male and female), biomedical practitioners and nurses.
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Women's Roles in Family Businesses: Specifics, Contradictions, and Reflections
The condition of women that act and influence decision-making processes without having any formal role or title, that is managing from behind the scenes.
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Asian American Perspectives on Education and Technology
Refers to the virtual absence of Asian Americans from the U.S. political, cultural, social mainstream and from the U.S. media due to their “perpetual foreigner” status.
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A Critical Review of Gullah Geechee Midlife Women and Heirs' Property Challenges Along the Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor
Invisibility has been used to address marginalized identities, underrepresented individuals who experience voice dispossession and/or are silent, and those who experience oppression and/or discrimination.
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Looking Towards the Sun: The Realities of Mentorship for Black Women
The lack of authentic connections and relationships that result in (professional) constraints.
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When Worlds Collide: Culturally Responsive Practices for Multiracial Students and Families
This term describes the lack of representation of the Multiracial population within research endeavors given that a large portion of Multiracial identity research is based within existing conceptualizations of monoracial identity.
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