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What is Infrastructure Development

Global Cargo Industry: Resilience of Asia-Pacific Shipping Industries
The process of creating and improving physical and organizational structures, such as ports, roads, and logistics systems, to support economic activities.
Published in Chapter:
Port Efficiency and Infrastructure Development: Catalysts for the India-Middle East-European Union Economic Corridor
Bivek Datta (Mangalayatan University, Jabalpur, India) and Shikha Misra (Banaras Hindu University, India)
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-1602-3.ch001
This chapter explores the critical nexus between port efficiency and infrastructure development as the driving force behind the India-Middle East-European Union economic corridor's transformative potential. The multidimensional inquiry encompasses the assessment of existing port infrastructure in India, the Middle East, and the European Union, the analysis of current trade flows, the identification of infrastructure bottlenecks, and an exploration of emerging technologies' impact. The authors delve into sustainable practices, scrutinize policy frameworks, assess economic implications, present global case studies, highlight investment opportunities, analyze potential risks, and anticipate future trade trends. Through comparative analysis, they glean valuable insights into how this corridor can emerge as a beacon of economic integration and growth.
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Advancing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Through Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)
The process of creating, financing, building, & maintaining physical structures that support the economy, society, & environment (e.g., transportation, energy, water).
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Infrastructure Development Strategies in Health Sector for Sustainable Development
It covers the enhancement of the quality of infrastructure like water and sanitation, information and communication technology, energy, and roads.
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The Impact of Infrastructure on Growth and Development: The Case of Ghana, 1986-2016
It involves improvement of the quality of the various components of infrastructure, such as roads, power, ICT, water and sanitation.
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Trade Liberalization, Infrastructure Development, and FDI in India and China
Infrastructure has been used as an umbrella term for many activities.The development of a country’s infrastructure is vital to the growth of its sectors and the overall economy. The infrastructure sector primarily comprises of electricity, roads, telecommunications, railways, irrigation, water supply and sanitation, ports and airports, storing facilities, and oil and gas pipelines.
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Availability of Infrastructure Facilities in India: Prospects and Challenges
Infrastructure is considered to be the key for promoting sustainable and inclusive economic growth. So a great deal of policy emphasis has been placed on infrastructure development for augmenting growth, productivity and quality of life of the citizens of the developing country.
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Infrastructure Development Strategies for Empowerment and Inclusion in Public Universities
Infrastructure development involves constructing and enhancing essential systems. It encompasses both hard and soft infrastructure, focusing on sustainable practices for long-term viability of the university systems.
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