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What is Positive Organizational Behavior

Advances in Intelligent, Flexible, and Lean Management and Engineering
Examination and subsequent application of positively oriented human resources’ psychological capabilities able of being measured, managed, and enhanced in order to leverage organizational performance.
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Green Transformational Leadership as a Redefinition of the Organizational Psychological Contract: Psychological Capital in Green Corporate Performance
Diana Fernandes (University of Minho, Portugal) and Carolina Feliciana Machado (Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences (CICS.NOVA.UMinho), University of Minho, Portugal)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-5768-6.ch002
This study grounds on the contemporary concern towards sustainability, reviewing literature to ascertain the personality traits of current leaders, framing them under the most effective leadership style in order to leverage organizational green consciousness and performance. It provides insights on the multilevel social dynamics outlining individual citizenship behaviors at work, as it advances that organizations shall rely on green transformational leadership to enhance the workforce green cognitions and behaviors, providing workplace opportunities to engage in environmental management related activities, thus leveraging green consciousness and performance. Hence, this study maps the current leader's personality traits so that their leadership paradigm may be best captured in terms of the value congruence between leaders/followers, solidifying a green psychological climate at the organization, impacting on its psychological capital and ownership, reconfiguring the organizational psychological contract by defining it as a collaborative learning process.
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To Serve, and to Be Served: Servant Leadership Inputs on Leveraging Organizational Performance
Refers to the investigation, assessment, application and monitoring of positively oriented human resources’ psychological capabilities, which configure as being able to measurement, development, management and monitoring, whose goal is, then, to enhance them in order to act as an engine to leverage organizational performance.
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Authentic Leaders and Business Tourism: An Exploration of Authentic Relationships
A field that emerged as a result of organizational behavior and positive psychology to focus on strength-based approaches to human behavior at work.
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Boosting Positivity and Performance: A Case Study of Organizational Coaching
An approach within organizational behavior that focuses on major individual strengths to increase organizational performance.
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Positive Organizational Behavior and Threats of New Work Forms
Scientific studies involving the assessment, development, and effective management of people's strengths and psychological capacities in order to improve workplace performance.
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