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What is Posthumanism

Fostering an Ecological Shift Through Effective Environmental Education
A theoretical framework challenging traditional human-centric views, promoting interconnectedness between humans and the environment.
Published in Chapter:
Histories, Theories, and Contemporary Considerations of Nature-Based Early Childhood Education: Roots to Branches
Stacey Alfonso (University of Washington, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-2577-3.ch015
This chapter provides a holistic examination of nature-based early childhood education (NBECE), spotlighting forest schools. Extensive research underscores the benefits of nature experiences for children's growth and development as well as nature-connectedness and ecological identity. As such, NBECE in North America has witnessed over a twofold growth from 2015 to 2020, with continued expansion. A similar trend is observed in the UK, where demand for nature-based education, particularly forest schools, has grown since the 1990s, with a significant surge over the last three years. Amid this recent growth, it is crucial to recognize the enduring existence of nature-centric pedagogies in Indigenous and local communities which begins this chapter's exploration. The discussion covers historical, philosophical, and theoretical underpinnings that have profoundly influenced contemporary forest school curricula, instructional practices, and overall approaches within the NBECE domain.
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Memories of the Cruel Radiance: The Lost Art of Autopathography
Posthumanism poses radical critiques and challenges to some of the most fundamental assumptions that underlie what it means or doesn’t mean to ‘be human’ in and amongst the entangled web of phenomena that makeup our world’ ( Bayley, 2018 :28).
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Communicating Human-Object Orientation: Rhetorical Strategies for Countering Multiple Taboos
A philosophical perspective that interrogates and disrupts that stability of the category human, including binaries and assumptions that position humans as hierarchically superior to all other entities.
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“La Voz del Rehén”: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Development of Creativity in Pre-Service Teachers of Physical Education – Towards Collective Learning Models for Unlocking the SDGs
A term that denotes the need to coin a new concept that defines the human from a symbiotic vision with the rest of the living beings that inhabit the planet. It is an approach that places the human being outside the hegemonic anthropocentrism.
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The Viewer-Participant Performing Morality in Interactive Storytelling  in Bandersnatch
Conceptualization or realization of the human element in a state of equilibrium with one’s nature, surroundings, and technological capabilities. The term is debated over, as there are several definitions in use.
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Still Forgetting: Minor Photographic Approaches to Desmemòria in the Post-Franco Era
Philosophical current that questions the humanist concept of the human through the relationship with technology.
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AI and Digital Sentience in Kazuo Ishiguro's Klara and the Sun: A Study of Posthuman Performity
It does not mean the end of humans, but the self-concept or image of human’s changes, especially when considering integrating technology into our everyday lives.
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Human Perfection and Contemporary Enhancement Technologies
Current of scientific-philosophical thought that legitimizes the application of biotechnology on the human being, with therapeutic and perfectionist objectives.
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