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What is Preceptor

Handbook of Research on Transformative Digital Content and Learning Technologies
A physician, registered nurse, or other specialists who supervise field practice and student training in medical or nursing fields.
Published in Chapter:
A Blueprint for Online Licensed Practical Nurse Training
Shani Salifu (Carilion Clinic, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2000-9.ch020
Estimated at 25 percent of Americans, the number of low-income single mothers is on the rise (Loprest & Austin, 2011). Described as the disconnected, these women are needy in many areas. Most have less education, and sometimes, more learning disabilities. Some have problems of substance abuse, depression, mental illnesses, and other physical health problems (Wincup, 2014; Jayakody & Stauffer, 2000; Tolman, Himle, Bybee, Abelson, Hoffman, & Van Etten-Lee, 2015). These characteristics have called for action on the plight of these women as their numbers become a strain on welfare systems leading to reduced benefits for some, with others being denied altogether (Silver, Heneghan, Bauman & Stein, 2006). The chapter presents a blueprint to train these mothers into Licensed Practical Nurses to reduce dependence on public finances and to enhance their self-images (Atkins, 2010). The blueprint explores how these women learn, and the services they need to complete the program.
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International Healthcare Experiences: Caring While Learning and Learning While Caring
A fully trained licensed practitioner within their discipline (e.g., medicine, nursing, pharmacy etc.), that serves as a student mentor and whom evaluates students’ competency on certain clinical aspects while training with them.
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Certifications for Medical Interpreters: A Comparative Analysis
a qualified person who monitors a candidate during a practicum.
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