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What is Prim

Handbook of Research on Teaching With Virtual Environments and AI
Is the basic building block for building all constructable objects in the virtual world.
Published in Chapter:
The Educational Value of the Escape Room in Virtual Environments
Michelangelo Tricarico (Politecnico di Bari, Bari, Italy)
Copyright: © 2021 |Pages: 32
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7638-0.ch015
This chapter will report the experiences and skills gained during the “Escape Room at Edu3D” project developed within the Craft World virtual world, by the Edu3D open source learning community, which has long been dedicated to teaching innovation in the environment virtual, thanks to the collaboration of experts, technicians, and volunteer teachers passionate about digital architecture. The developed project has led to a review of the escape rooms, which we are normally used to associating with role-playing games in which competitors are locked in themed rooms and must try to go out collecting clues and solving puzzles, puzzles, codes, and riddles, giving them a teaching key.
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Knowledge Transfer and Marketing in Second Life
A Second Life term meaning primitive shape such as a cube, sphere, torus, or pyramid.
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Virtual Worlds: Places Where You Can Find Your True Talents
elementary objects like cubes, spheres or cylinders. Once created, they look like wood.
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Virtual Learning Environments for a New Teaching Methodology
Are the basic elements of SecondLife® buildings. If you imagine every object of SL as a building made with bricks, each brick and 'a prim. The prim can have various forms even three-dimensional, be changed (color, elongated, shortened, zoom ...) and assembled together in the construction of objects. The wooden cube that happens to see frequently and 'the prim more widespread.
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Real Life and Second Life, Osmotic Membranes: Dynamics of Identity and Social Relationships in Second Life
A primitive, or prim, is a single-part object. Multi-part objects will have multiple parts (“prims”). In Second Life, virtual physical objects such as cars, houses, jewelry, and even less obvious things like hair and clothing are made out of one or more prims. Objects made from prims are usually created in-world using the built-in object editing tool.
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