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What is Activity Recognition

Handbook of Research on Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments: Trends and Perspectives
The ability of the intelligent system to infer temporally contextualized knowledge regarding the state of the user on the basis of a set of heterogeneous sensor readings.
Published in Chapter:
Proactive Assistance in Ecologies of Physically Embedded Intelligent Systems: A Constraint-Based Approach
Marcello Cirillo (Örebro University, Sweden), Federico Pecora (Örebro University, Sweden), and Alessandro Saffiotti (Örebro University, Sweden)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61692-857-5.ch025
The main goal of this Chapter is to introduce SAM, an integrated architecture for concurrent activity recognition, planning and execution. SAM provides a general framework to define how an intelligent environment can assess contextual information from sensory data. The architecture builds upon a temporal reasoning framework operating in closed-loop between physical sensing and actuation components in a smart environments. The capabilities of the system as well as possible examples of its use are discussed in the context of the PEIS-Home, a smart environment integrated with robotic components.
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E-Mental Health: Contributions, Challenges, and Research Opportunities from a Computer Science Perspective
Uses methods from machine learning to identify a person's current activity.
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Battery Efficiency in Outdoor Sports Environments for Mobile Pervasive Augmented Reality Systems
It is the task of knowing the movement of a person based on sensor data, such as an accelerometer, GPS or other sensors, e.g., in a smartphone.
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Context Awareness in Mobile Devices
Aims to recognize the actions and goals of one or more users from a series of observations on the users' actions and their environmental conditions.
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Challenging Issues of Ambient Activity Recognition for Cognitive Assistance
To infer the goals of an observed entity and the action sequence that was planned to achieve those specific goals from the observation of the environmental conditions from the sensor inputs. In order to achieve the goals of an activity, a sequence of actions must be planned. So, activity recognition is also known as plan recognition or behaviour recognition.
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