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What is Progressive

Recent Advances in Applying Identity and Society Awareness to Virtual Learning
A descriptive used to convey a perspective taken by a person advocating progress, change, or new way of thinking. A post-progression viewpoint is an adjusted progressive perspective taken on the basis of deeper insights from lessons learned from earlier change efforts.
Published in Chapter:
Transformation and Development of Identity and Society With Virtual Learning
Andrew G. Stricker (The Air University, USA) and Cynthia Calongne (Colorado Technical University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9679-0.ch001
The transformation of human experiences with virtual learning enables unprecedented forms of communication, connection, interaction, and mobility supporting new forms of selfhood and society. The ways people perceive, think, and interact across virtual and physical spaces are fundamentally changing the mind, identity, social interactions, intellectual boundaries, and ways of knowing and learning in society. This chapter introduces and explores philosophical claims for helping to interpret and shape the transformation and development of identity and society with virtual learning.
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Using Postmodernism to Effectively Teach in Diverse Settings
Relating to or constituting an educational theory marked by emphasis on the individual child, informal classroom procedure and encouragement of self-expression.
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