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What is International School

Handbook of Research on Redesigning Teaching, Learning, and Assessment in the Digital Era
An institution that educates students in an international environment, usually characterized by students and educators from different nations, multilingual teaching, global-oriented curricula, and world citizenship cultivation.
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Promoting the Use of Electronic Resources in International Schools: A Case Study of ESF King George V School in Hong Kong
Kwok Chun Wong (The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong) and Dickson K. W. Chiu (The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-8292-6.ch007
The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) of ESF King George V School (KGV) decided to enhance the awareness of students' use of electronic databases and e-books. This study explores how LRC promotes electronic resources to students effectively. The authors use the honeycomb marketing model and RACE planning framework to develop a strategy for organizing outreach and training activities to promote its e-resources. This study explores two strategies: using social media to stimulate students' involvement and interaction and advocating teacher-library collaboration. This study provides insights to school libraries on developing strategic plans for promoting their digital collections. Scant articles focus on promoting electronic resources in school libraries, especially international secondary schools in Asia.
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An Integral Analysis of International Mindedness
A school that places emphasis on an international education program with a student body and teaching faculty is mostly culturally and linguistically diverse.
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Navigating Co-Presence: Faculty Children and Identity Construction in International Schools
A private educational institution that offers a curriculum in a language different from that of the host country or offers a curriculum that differs from the standard curriculum of the host country.
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Leadership Through Critical Incidents in International Schools: A Study From Across the Greater ASEAN Region
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Integrating SEL Into Online Learning for Lower Elementary Learners in an International School Context: Stories From the Online Classroom
A school located in one country that provides curriculum and instruction in a language and tradition different from the host country. These schools are usually private, fee-paying institutions and the majority are English-medium.
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An Examination of International School Onboarding Programs: Pre-Arrival, Arrival, and Transition Phases
An educational facility that “delivers a curriculum... wholly or partly in English outside an English-speaking country, or; if a school is in a country where English is one of the official languages, it offers an English-medium curriculum other than the country’s national curriculum” (ISC Research, 2019 AU100: The in-text citation "ISC Research, 2019" is not in the reference list. Please correct the citation, add the reference to the list, or delete the citation. ), with a tendency for the said curriculum to be delivered by expatriate teachers ( Blatti et al., 2019 , p. 216).
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Developing Effective Teacher-Student Relationships in International Schools in China
A public or privately owned school that provides English-medium instruction and uses curricula developed in a Western nation (e.g., U.S., U.K., Canada, or Australia) to educate a culturally diverse group of students including expatriates and host country national students.
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International School Teachers' Professional Development in Response to the Needs of Third Culture Kids in the Classroom
A school that is independent of any national system of education and offers a curriculum that is different from that in the host country. The curriculum focuses on international education, while responding to requirements of the host country’s Ministry of Education. The school is usually, but not always, located overseas from a student’s country of citizenship. There is a multinational and multilingual student body, with English or bilingual being the language of instruction. Some international schools have local students from the host country whose parents pay high tuition fees so their children have exposure to an international education, learn in the language of the international school, and obtain qualifications necessary for applying for higher education studies overseas. Priority is given to developing an ‘international mindedness’ among its students.
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The Ethnic Gap in Teacher Salaries in International Schools: A Question of Justice
A school that serves the children of globally mobile parents, or espouses a specifically international mission or objective, or serves an aspirational middle- or high-class local host-country population.
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