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What is Proposal

Connecting With Consumers Through Effective Personalization and Programmatic Advertising
The specific goals, objectives, and intentions researchers have for their scientific communication, including the desired impact on individuals and society.
Published in Chapter:
Social Networks on the Internet: Dissemination and Communication of Scientific Knowledge
José Alberto Carvalho dos Santos Claro (Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-9146-1.ch008
The chapter in question addresses the importance of social networks on the internet for science, as well as the evolution of these networks and their role in scientific research. It defines the concept of social networks on the internet and explores their specific relevance in the context of scientific research. In addition, it discusses how social networks can be used as tools for conducting scientific research and how to promote scientific dissemination and communication. It also explores active and passive approaches in the dissemination of research, highlighting academic social networks and other traditional tools that can be used for scientific outreach. The concept of the citation funnel is introduced, and guidance is provided on how to cite content taken from social networks. Finally, the challenges faced in communicating science to a lay audience are presented.
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Electronic Business Contracts Between Services
A document containing a set of clauses and assignments, where every role referred to which each clause applies has been assigned to an agent.
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Winning an E-Learning Proposal or Grant
A document written in response to an RFP. In the context of e-learning, it is a document that explains how the proposing organization will design, develop, and deliver an e-learning solution to the funding organization
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Writing a Research Proposal
A plan or suggestion, especially a formal or written one, put forward for consideration or discussion by others.
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