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What is Socioeconomic Factors

Handbook of Research on Psychosocial Perspectives of Human Communication Disorders
Socioeconomic factors of an individual include individual or family income, social status, education, and occupational background.
Published in Chapter:
Psychosocial Correlates of Dissociative Motor Disorder of Impairment or Loss of Speech
Shyam Hanumanapura Rajanna (All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, India) and Raju Heggadadevanakote Hanumanthaiah (All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-4955-0.ch003
The present chapter is intended to elucidate the role of psychosocial factors such as stressful life events, adjustment issues in family, social, occupational, and academic setup, personality, and socioeconomic correlates in the individual suffering from functional aphonia/dissociative motor disorder of impairment or loss of speech which is also called as functional voice disorder (FVD). This chapter explores a study carried out by purposively selected (N=32) case files reviews of individuals with FVD who were treated with functional voice therapy. The study results indicated various stressful life events such as marital discord, adjustment difficulties with social, occupational, family, and academic stipulation, and rapidly changing personal and health conditions were significantly associated with FVD. Majority of the cases were belonging to lower socioeconomic status and depressive symptoms were observed. Presence of the persistent role of life events, adjustment issues, and depression influencing development and maintenance along with diagnosis and management techniques are discussed.
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More Results
A Historical Overview of Health Disparities and the Potential of eHealth Solutions
Social and economic factors that impact the ability to get needed health care solutions.
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Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in EFL Classrooms: Navigating Diversity for Enhanced English Language Learning
The economic and social situations that affect people's ability to get resources and improve their quality of life are called socioeconomic factors. Some of these factors are amount of income, education, employment, healthcare access, housing, and social support. Socioeconomic factors have a big effect on how much schooling someone gets, their health, and their overall happiness.
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Factors Affecting Digital Healthcare Innovation in India: A Case Study of Delhi NCR
It refers to particularly characteristics that tells about the social and economic background of a person. It includes factors such as income, education, employment, community safety and social support.
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Maternal Determinants of Childhood Stunting: The Case of Pakistan
Economic factors as dictated by societal structure i.e. education, income, occupation.
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