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What is Qubit

Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth Edition
A two-state quantum-mechanical system which can be a concurrent superposition of both states.
Published in Chapter:
Quantum Computing and Quantum Communication
Göran Pulkkis (Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Finland) and Kaj J. Grahn (Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Finland)
Copyright: © 2018 |Pages: 16
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2255-3.ch671
This article presents state-of-the-art and future perspectives of quantum computing and communication. Timeline of relevant findings in quantum informatics, such as quantum algorithms, quantum cryptography protocols, and quantum computing models, is summarized. Mathematics of information representation with quantum states is presented. The quantum circuit and adiabatic models of quantum computation are outlined. The functionality, limitations, and security of the quantum key distribution (QKD) protocol is presented. Current implementations of quantum computers and principles of quantum programming are shortly described.
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Image Representation, Filtering, and Natural Computing in a Multivalued Quantum System
Just as a bit is the basic unit of information in a classical computer, a qubit is the basic unit of information in a quantum computer. In a quantum computer, a number of elemental particles such as electrons or photons can be used (in practice, success has also been achieved with ions), with either their charge or polarization acting as a representation of 0 and/or 1. Each of these particles is known as a qubit; the nature and behavior of these particles (as expressed in quantum theory) form the basis of quantum computing.
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PHuNAC Model: Simulation of Human Nature and Personalities of Autonomous Crowds
The qubit consists of a superposition of two basis states like the case of the bit 0 and 1. Except that the classical bits are always either in state 0 or in state 1 whiles a qubit is the superposition of these two states.
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Quantum Software Engineering and Technology
Qubit or quantum bit is the basic unit of quantum information. The quantum version of the classic binary bit physically realized with a two-state device. This is a two-state (or two-level) quantum-mechanical system, one of the simplest quantum systems displaying the peculiarity of quantum mechanics.
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Quantum Computation Perspectives in Medical Image Processing
The unit of quantum information. A qubit has some similarities to a classical bit. In the classical domain can be measure as being in one of two states, but in the quantum domain the state can be a superposition of the two basis states.
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Current Quantum Information Science and Technology
A two-state quantum-mechanical system allowing the qubit to be in a superposition of both states at the same time.
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