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What is Ready-Made

Cultural, Theoretical, and Innovative Approaches to Contemporary Interior Design
This term indicates an object, which already has a particular function and meaning and acquires a new one. Originating from the French word Objet trouvé , it was used by Marcel Duchamp to indicate his practice of taking an ordinary object, like a urinal, for example, and making it into a piece of art to be exhibited inside a museum with the title Fountain .
Published in Chapter:
Art and Space: New Boundaries of Intervention
Giulia Crespi (Archivio Emilio Isgrò, Italy)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-2823-5.ch009
The duo “art and space” looks very easy to understand: art interacts with spaces, uses spaces, or simply fills spaces. However, starting from this simple consideration, what this chapter would like to propose is a reflection about a kind of art that creates spaces and places instead, expanding the discussion about the interdisciplinary approach of artists to creation. Considering the works of some artists that have made the intervention on spaces one of their prerogatives, the research focuses on the new connections that arise between the artist and the public through these creations. The imagery of Yayoi Kusama, Tomas Saraceno, Anish Kapoor, Cristina Iglesias, Carsten Nicolai, Rudolf Stingel, among others, allows a different perception, most of time asking to the spectator itself an active part in the work of art. The chapter offers a specific case study dedicated to the work of the Dutch artist Krijn de Koning.
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Digital Communication in a GIF Culture: The Graphic Interchange Format as a Behavioral Crossroad of Contemporary Paradigms
Ready-made is art created from undisguised, but often modified, objects or products that are not normally considered art. Marcel Duchamp is thought to have perfected the concept in the late 1910s, when he made a series of ready-mades, consisting of completely unaltered everyday objects selected by Duchamp and designated as art.
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