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What is Emancipatory Education

Handbook of Research on Advancing Language Equity Practices With Immigrant Communities
Emancipatory education ( Freire, 1970 ) is an approach that goes beyond the simple transfer of knowledge, questioning the dominant structure of socio-economic and political relations, and supporting people not only to demand a different world, but also to discuss and prepare for alternatives.
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Reclaiming the Multilingual Narrative of Children in the Borderlands Using a Critical Integration Approach: A Case Study Highlighting Multilingual Capital in the Curriculum and Classroom
Kevan A. Kiser-Chuc (Tucson Unified School District, USA & University of Arizona, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3448-9.ch002
By joining together different methods and curriculum delivery in an elementary school setting, the author defined a unique critical integration approach to address questions of inclusive multilingual literacy practices. The author encouraged students to build upon their prior knowledge, ways in which to show that knowledge, and specifically, their linguistic cultural wealth, which generated a respect for the linguistic diversity of all students. The author created a collaborative pedagogical space in which the students constructed an innovative curriculum by co-mingling student experiences, their cultural and linguistic resources, and their interpretive frameworks. The teacher-research project involved a Funds of Knowledge orientation, the use of a variety of pedagogical tools influenced by the theory of Multiple Intelligences, gifted strategies, community cultural wealth, emancipatory education, critical and culturally responsive pedagogy, and visual arts aesthetics.
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Back to the Future: Community Engagement and Metagogy
The concept embraces the key principles of Freire’s early work that focuses on respect for disparate values, developing content by and with stakeholders, developing consciousness of one’s reality in given social contexts, generating instruction al content from lived experiences, and the eradication of dominant power and positionality of the teacher in the learning processes.
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Moving Toward a Third Generation of Medical Education: Integrating Transformational Learning Principles in Health Professions Education
Defined as educational experiences designed to foster the development of the learners so they may identify and work to change oppressive systems within their societies.
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