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What is Reconfiguration

Handbook of Research on Mobility and Computing: Evolving Technologies and Ubiquitous Impacts
Activity of dynamically adjusting an entity's behaviour
Published in Chapter:
Mission-Aware Adaptive Communication for Collaborative Mobile Entities
Jérôme Lacouture (Université de Toulouse, France), Ismael Bouassida Rodriguez (Université de Toulouse, France), Jean-Paul Arcangeli (Paul Sabatier University, France), Christophe Chassot (Université de Toulouse, France), Thierry Desprats (Paul Sabatier University, France), Khalil Drira (Université de Toulouse, France), Francisco Garijo (Université de Toulouse, France), Victor Noel (Paul Sabatier University, France), Michelle Sibilla (Paul Sabatier University, France), and Catherine Tessier (ONERA Centre de Toulouse – DCSD, France)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60960-042-6.ch064
Adaptation of communication is needed to maintain the connectivity and quality of communication in group-wide collaborative activities. This becomes quite a challenge to handle when mobile entities are part of a wireless environment, in which responsiveness and availability of the communication system are required. In this chapter, these challenges are addressed within the context of the ROSACE project where mobile ground and flying robots have to collaborate either between them selves or with remote artificial and human actors during save and rescue missions in the event of disasters such as forest fires. This chapter presents our first results. The final goal is to propose new concepts, models and architectures that supports cooperative adaptation which is aware of the mission being executed. Thus, the communication system can be adequately adapted in response to predictable or unpredictable evolutions of the activity requirements and to the unpredictable changes in the communication resource constraints.
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Functional Safety of Distributed Embedded Control Systems
It is any modification realized in the system (such as modification of the architecture, the interaction between the different control components or the data) to ensure the safety or to ameliorate the production.
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Reconfigurable Computing Technologies Overview
The process of physically altering the location or functionality of configwares with new ones.
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Feasible Automatic Reconfigurations of Real-Time OS Tasks
The reconfiguration means qualitative changes in the structures, functionalities and algorithms of the “Control System” as a response to qualitative changes of control goals, of the controlled “physical system”, or of the environment the control system behaves within.
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