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What is Referatory

Practical Peer-to-Peer Teaching and Learning on the Social Web
A database-driven website that points to various contents on the WWW and other databases to enable federated access to resources.
Published in Chapter:
Tactical and Substantive Educational Templates on Formal Open Learning Content Sharing Repositories and Referatories: Peer-to-Peer Sharing by Professional Educators and Instructional Designers
Copyright: © 2022 |Pages: 17
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-6496-7.ch011
To enable more efficient work, educational templates have been created for various contexts: online learning, assessments, video creation, document creation, and others. This work involves the exploration of 191 template-related digital learning objects shared on a learning object repository/referatory, an LMS-related object-sharing site, social slideshow sharing site, and social video sharing site, as an environmental scan. This work culminates in a definition of a “tactical and substantive educational template” (TASET) as a collaborative object and various requisite features for quality and heritability.
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Five Academic Years of Activated Third-Party and Custom-Coded Applications on an LMS Instance
An online site that points to web- and internet-hosted contents but which does not generally host contents itself.
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“Conceptual Reverse Engineering” of Online Learning Objects and Sequences for Practical Applications
An online site that points to various resources hosted on other locations on the web and internet.
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