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What is Relation

Cultural, Theoretical, and Innovative Approaches to Contemporary Interior Design
Induced or accidental relationship involving two or more people at the same time in the functional symbolic and emotional sphere.
Published in Chapter:
Urban Interior Design: A Relational Approach for Resilient and Experiential Cities
Barbara Di Prete (Dipartimento di Design, Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-2823-5.ch006
Nowadays the city of the anonymity prevails over the city of sharing. We move in more and more dilated spaces and we expand our territories, but we consume the community life in impersonal places that, too often, are only for casual encounters. For this reason it becomes more and more crucial to design spaces with wide recognition, characterized by an “accumulation of belongings” that makes them feel like familiar to everyone: the city, avoiding the risk of self-celebration, can find the opportunity to become a representation of a collective imagination in the sum of individual stories. The challenge is to experience the city as a sequence of “interiors” that people can intensely inhabit and not just use, in which people can leave traces, share memories, and imprint daily gestures. Places that satisfy emotional as well as functional needs, bringing into play the symbolic and intangible components, maybe imperceptible, but which are so decisive in determining the identity structure of a city. It is the relational dimension that acquires also an aesthetic code. This chapter explores a relational approach for resilient and experiential cities.
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Bounded Cardinality and Symmetric Relationships
For sets A and B, a relation R is a subset of the Cartesian product AXB, that is, R ? {(a, b)/a ? A, b ? B}. The relation may be written R(a,b) indicating that (a,b) is in R.
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Ontology Alignment Overview
A link between individuals. In the field of ontologies, relations are also known as properties.
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Relatonics as a Key Concept for Networked Organizations
The way in which two people feel and behave towards each other.
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Interactive Spaces: What If Walls Could Talk?
Relationship between two or more people, as well as between people and their environment, engaging at the same time the symbolic and emotional functional sphere.
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