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What is Relevance

Handbook of Research on Emerging Practices and Methods for K-12 Online and Blended Learning
Highlighting items that are personally and/or contextually salient to a student or group of students regarding the learning they are experiencing.
Published in Chapter:
Let's Riff Off RIFS (Relevant, Interesting, Fun, and Social): Best Practices for Engaging the Online Mind
Steve Joordens (University of Toronto – Scarborough, Canada), Aakriti Kapoor (People for Education, Canada), and Bob Hofman (Global Teenager Foundation, The Netherlands)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8009-6.ch010
Online learning allows one to escape traditional constraints and to create learning experiences that allow interactions, and support learning, that would be difficult or impossible in brick and mortar contexts. In this chapter, the authors present a new RIFS taxonomy (Relevance, Interestingness, Fun, and Sociality) to highlight the factors that can make a learning experience especially engaging. They then discuss what they want students to learn when they are engaged in support of 21st century learning. With this context, they describe an initiative called The Global Teenager Project as a concrete example of how, with heavy support from online technologies, these factors can be combined to produce deep learning that students truly find meaningful.
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Rigor and Relevance: Curriculum Design and Implementation for Diverse Learners
The quality or state of being closely connected or appropriate (Oxford Languages, n.d. AU27: The in-text citation "Oxford Languages, n.d." is not in the reference list. Please correct the citation, add the reference to the list, or delete the citation. ).
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The Changing Nature of Information Behaviour
A judgment made by a user as to the match between information or a document and their information need. Information may have differing levels of relevance.
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Intelligence and Security Informatics
Relevant data are data that are applicable to the current need or situation.
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Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Higher Education
Ensuring that the intellectual and educational functions of higher education fulfill its social, economic and political role.
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Could Motivation, Volition, and Engagement Be a Panacea in Online Distance Learning?
The second factor of the ARCS-V model, relevance, refers to the teacher's making a connection between learners' own goals and learning ( Keller, 2010 ).
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The Power of Words: A Preliminary Critical Analysis of Concepts Used in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
Working in ways that deconstruct the common way of thinking (the status quo); recognizing that politics (having the power to make decisions within a group in the interest of those in your group), social justice, and equity, are necessary elements in the work we do as SLHSs, and that we are accountable to the communities in which we work and should always engage in efforts to dismantle inequities, injustices, and exclusion in our discipline.
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Foundations of Motivational Research and Design in Online Distance Learning
The second part of ARCS-V model and it focuses on creating significant connections between the course instruction and the learners’ learning goals.
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Social Networks on the Internet: Dissemination and Communication of Scientific Knowledge
The degree of importance or significance attributed by users to the information and content they encounter in the digital space.
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